Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 latest version game review in 2022

Do you love playing multiplayer games? If yes, then Mini Militia is a game worth trying. It is a popular shooting game that can be played by up to 12 players simultaneously. The latest version of this game Mini Militia is v5.3.7. But before starting the game, there are a few things you need to know about the Mini Militia apk. In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of the game and also provide some tips for newbies. It’s a shooting game that has both single-player and multiplayer modes. This app was created by Appsomniacs LLC and published by mini clip. This game has 100M+ downloads and 3 million reviews. This game you can play on android, ios, and pc.

mini militia game

 The goal of the game is to fight against other players on different maps to see who can kill each other first before time runs out. Mini Militia apk is a really fun, addicting mobile gaming app that lets users shoot their way through levels by using either their fingers or an external controller for precise moves. With so many people playing it, there are plenty of opportunities for strategy and teamwork as well as a chance to chat with friends while playing together. The goal of the game is to kill enemy players and take their flags or dominate territories in order to win the match.

One thing that has helped me is using this app called Minigames which lets you play different levels of mini militia without having to actually open up the app, it’s great! The first rule of combat in any FPS shooter is to know your surroundings. If you are ever in a situation where there are multiple enemies around, try not to engage them all at once so they can’t take advantage of your position. You should also use a cover when possible because it will slow down their movement towards you and make them easier targets for your gunfire.

mini militia game

The game is based on the 2010s Arnold Schwarzenegger action film Commando. In the game, players are equipped with a variety of firearms and must battle against each other until only one player is left standing. The last player alive wins the match. It allows players to compete against each other in different modes of play. The controls are easy to learn but difficult to master. It is a free play that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a very addictive game that keeps you hooked for hours.

It is a really exciting and thrilling game that has gained immense popularity in a very short time. You start out as a new recruit with nothing but your wits and a few basic weapons, which you can upgrade with money earned from completing missions or collecting coins during matches. This is one of those games where strategy will win over brute force, so it’s important to be patient when playing. Players can control their own character with various weapons such as guns, knives, grenades, and more. The best part is that it’s free to download and play.

Features of Mini Militia Game

There are many features of the mini militia apk:-


The game is completely free to play. You don’t need to spend any money to enjoy the game.

Training :

The mini militia game is all about strategy, shooting, and quick reflexes, it is important that you know the basics of the game and also know how to play it well.

In the training section, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to play the game. This guide will help you learn the basics of the game and also help you improve your skills.

The first step is to choose the right weapon for the job. There are a variety of weapons in the game and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to decide which weapon you want to use and learn how to use it well.

Once you have chosen the right weapon, it is time to learn how to shoot. You can use the crosshairs on the screen to aim and shoot that are available in the game or try to rely on your reflexes. The choice is yours but it is important that you know how to aim well and also improve your aim with practice.

It is important at your target.

The next thing you need to learn is how to take cover. You don’t want to get shot, do you? So it is important that you learn how to take cover behind walls and other objects on the ground. This will protect you from getting hit by bullets and also enable you to decide where you want your bullets to land before you start shooting.

The next step is all about grenades and other explosives used by players of different skill levels. You need to know how to use these grenades effectively so that you can gain the upper hand in battles especially if multiple enemies are attacking you at once.

It is important for you to gain an advantage over your competitors. That’s why it’s important to use your grenades effectively.

The next thing you need to learn is to outmaneuver your opponents. You can do this by moving around a lot and attacking them from different angles so that they don’t know where you are going to attack. This will confuse them and also give you a chance of defeating them before.

mini militia game


 The graphics are good. The game runs on low-end devices pretty smoothly. Of course, it will be better to play on high-end devices like Xiaomi Mi3 and others with high-resolution screens, etc. but at least it can be played on devices like Samsung Galaxy Y and HTC Desire.

There are no major problems with graphics or anything else in the game.

Customizable characters:

The customizability of the characters is one of the main features that make the Mini Militia game fun and unique. The game has a wide array of different characters to choose from, each with its own abilities and style.

To get started, you will first need to select the character you want to play as. There are a total of 11 characters available, each with its own unique abilities and style. You can view all of the different characters and their stats by going into the “Select Character” menu.

Once you have selected your character, it’s time to start customizing it. Different customization options are available, which allow you to create a character that is unique to you. You can change your character’s appearance, weapons, and abilities.

You can change your character’s appearance by selecting one of the available skins.

mini militia game

Battle fighting:

The objective of the game is to kill the opponent using firearms and explosives. The player can choose to be either a soldier or a terrorist. 

The game is set in a fictional location named “Dirty Town”, which is located in the Middle East. The town has a number of buildings, including a train station, a mosque, and a power plant.

The player can choose to play online with other players or offline against bots.

mini militia game


One of the things that make Mini Militia so much fun is the vast range of Maps and Locations that are available. Each offers its own unique challenges and experiences, which is why it’s important to be familiar with them all.

There are a total of 11 different maps in Mini Militia, and they can be divided into four types:

We’ll get to the specific layouts and strategies for each map shortly, but first, let’s start with the basics of how you actually choose which one you want to play.

How to choose a map in Mini Militia:

 Each time you begin a new game, the server randomly chooses one of three available maps from your list. You can also manually select which map you’d like to play on by pressing the Map option in the main menu. Doing this will bring up a screen where you can scroll through each map and find the one you like the most.

A final tip on how to choose a map in the Mini Militia game: To cycle through your maps, tap and hold down on any of them. This will let you see which ones are available. You yourself with all 11 different maps immediately away go through this process a few times!

mini militia game


Assuming that you are playing in a public multiplayer (Deathmatch) room, here is what you should do:

1. Press “play” to start the deathmatch game. Make sure to pay attention to the timer at the top right of the main menu, counting down from 30 seconds. 

2. When you have spawned in the game, move into a corner or behind a wall and try to get an idea of where everyone else is shooting from by tapping on the screen to peek around corners. Aim in third person mode in order to do so. Also, look for people with red crosshairs above their heads. You can kill them in one shot with your sniper rifle, in third-person mode only.

3. When you think you know where everyone is shooting from, press the fire button to start aiming. Then switch aim mode to first-person by tapping on the screen again. Look for people with red crosshairs above their heads. Try to shoot them in the head to get one-hit kills. If you don’t see any, tap several times on the screen until you do.

4. Keep track of where other players are shooting from by tapping on the screen every few seconds to peek around corners and find out which corner they’re hiding behind.

5. If you get killed, press “play” again and wait for 30 seconds before the next death match starts.

mini militia game

Chat with friends:

While in a chat room, tap the keyboard icon to open up the chat window. There you can write messages and share screenshots from your device with other players. You can also send photos from your device’s photo library by pressing the small camera button next to the message field and choosing an image file on your device.


If you have a group of friends who enjoy playing games together, this is an excellent opportunity for some friendly competition as well as the chance to chat with each other while taking turns. What’s more, is that it has tons of powerups so players can earn points faster than ever before. The best thing about this game is that it’s free. Download now!

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