Specimen Zero the Scary Online Horror Game

Specimen Zero is a first-person multiplayer horror game that features three main game modes and six maps to choose from. The object of each mode is to scare your opponent by any means necessary, whether that’s scaring them with one of your weapons or through a noise.
Specimen Zero is a horror game that was released on Steam on October 10, 2016. One player assumes the role of specimen zero as they try to escape and hide from the five other players, who are trying to track it down and kill it before it escapes the facility. The only person who knows the true motives of specimen zero is the doctor in charge of running the experiment.

You’re alone in the dark, with nothing but your flashlight to fend off the demonic creatures surrounding you. You and your friends are Specimen Zero, and it’s up to you to survive the night. This multiplayer horror game lets you explore your worst fears in an environment that feels more real than ever thanks to new advances in virtual reality technology. The developers of Specimen Zero worked with patients at several mental health facilities to bring as much realism to this game as possible, making it both exciting and terrifyingly relatable.

In the case of Specimen Zero, it seems you can’t make an online horror game without killing at least one player character. This indie game has recently entered open beta with a substantial update to its online multiplayer features.

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A multitude of horror games have come out over the years, but many of them don’t offer what Specimen Zero does—a fully immersive multiplayer experience. In Specimen Zero, you enter into a series of randomly generated locations with up to six other players, who are all running around trying to survive the onslaught of the monster stalking them all. You can choose to play as either one of the humans or as the monster itself, which allows you to prey on your fellow survivors and try to eliminate as many of them as possible without getting caught yourself.

A multiplayer horror game that allows you to interact with other players? Sign me up! That’s what I thought when I heard about Specimen Zero, a free-to-play horror game that allows you to team up with your friends in order to survive against hordes of the undead as they rush toward you. This one may not be quite what you’re expecting, though, as Specimen Zero is decidedly not the bloodbath you may have expected it to be.

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Try Specimen Zero, a new horror game that combines the best of single-player and multiplayer gaming! In this online survival horror game, you’ll start by being dropped into an abandoned facility on your own and be forced to survive the monsters within. But once you’ve made it past day one, Specimen Zero throws another wrinkle into the mix: other players! You’ll need to work together with others in order to stay alive, and you might even find yourself making friends along the way.



specimen zero features graphics that are much more vibrant and colorful than most horror games. This results in a game that is creepier than it would be otherwise. It also features vector graphics which allows for greater control over what appears on-screen at any given time. The result is a game with good visuals but excellent control over how they are used to tell its story. Furthermore, all of these visuals may be modified by individual players via a skin editor allowing even more customization.

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The game involves six main characters, three of which are playable. The goal for each playable character is to hunt down Specimen Zero and survive long enough to escape their deadly experiment. Each player has an icon that represents them in-game and can choose from a selection on what kind of player they are. Each level has its own special unlocks, while still maintaining a connection with other levels in terms of story, puzzles, and inventory items.

Scary elements:

Unsettling atmosphere and graphics are key to developing a truly frightening game. At first glance, Zero looks like your average cartoon platformer. But there’s nothing typical about its sound design and art style—both are designed to give players an unsettling feeling from beginning to end. The soundtrack is simple yet heart-stopping: It sounds as if it’s echoing through a labyrinth of endless.

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The game consists of four levels and a dark room. Each level has its own style, theme, and story. The darkroom serves as a sort of hub world where players can access any unlocked level by activating one of four portals in that room. In order to advance through each level, you must use various abilities to explore your surroundings.

Play Multiplayer:

One of Specimen Zero’s key features is multiplayer capabilities. For single-player mode, it allows you to play alone with bots. But if you want a more thrilling game, you can team up with some friends and play with them against other players as well. In addition to that, each group can have up to eight members which will increase your chances of winning significantly.

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Survive/Die Mode:

The core of Specimen Zero is Survive Mode, which is playable from start to finish with a single mouse click. You’ll control Dr. Patrick Wheeler as he searches for clues regarding his missing colleagues at Grant Pharmaceuticals, which has been overrun by hostile mutant zombies. All you have to do is avoid contact with these flesh-hungry creatures and find your way to safety, but some rooms are rigged with lethal contraptions or fiendish puzzles that will test your reflexes in new ways.

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Specimen Zero is a low-key survival horror game with a very engaging storyline. It’s an extremely terrifying experience that will have you at the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next. With its awesome graphics and sound effects, it provides both an incredibly satisfying and creepy experience that you won’t soon forget. So if you love survival horror games and are looking for something new, I definitely recommend giving Specimen Zero a try.

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