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We’re committed to giving you the safest & most reliable experience

Air-tight data security
All data is kept secure with end-to-end encryption. Regular audits & certifications done at every level
Multi-factor auth
Password, OTP, PIN, fingerprint, or other multi-level checks — to ensure only you can log in
Notification alerts
Get notified of major activities: new device log in, withdraw, etc
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View all devices
Track & view devices you are logged in. Log out easily.

1. Go to profile & select the settings icon

2. Check 'Active Devices'

3. Select device. Log out or change password

Report fraud
If you find anything suspicious,
you can email us at [email protected] or
call 080 68249147.
Your safety, in your hands

Your password = top secret

Never share with relatives, friends, any company's executives, PMS, etc

Stay alert

Report immediately in case of any suspicious activity, phishing links, & device loss

Decline investment advice

We don't offer any investment advice, nor have we partnered with anyone for it

Use your own device

Avoid using other's devices to log in, always log out after using other's device